HealthAid Acidophilus Probiotic with FOS Capsules



HealthAid Acidophilus Probiotic with FOS Capsules are suitable for vegetarians, help supplement the diet and increase the friendly bacteria (Acidophilus lactobacillus and bifidus) by giving a healthy flora to assist digestion and general well-being. Health Aid Acidophilus Probiotic with FOS Capsules support the good bacteria in your gut that your digestive system needs to function. Health Aid Probiotic Capsules help these bacteria to survive and increase in number, which leads to a smoother running and regular digestive system. Friendly bacteria reduce the internal build- up of wind inside our body, boost our immune system, prevent infectious bacteria from becoming dominant and help us to absorb the nutrients from the food we consume. The correct balance between these bacteria is crucial for a digestive system that is functioning and healthy, as an imbalance can lead to complications including candida infections and feeling generally rundown and lethargic. Lactobacillus acidophilus: May help protect against the entrance and proliferation of invading organism. Helps produce lactase which could benefit people who are l e intolerant. Assists in the production of niacin, folic acid and pyridoxine. May assist in the breakdown of bile and separating amino acids from bile acids. May help improve gastrointestinal functions and improve digestion. May enhance immune activity. Bifidobacterium bifidum: May help maintain healthy gastrointestinal tract. May improve the production of essential vitamins. May improve immune functions. Health Aid Acidophilus Probiotic with FOS Capsules may be beneficial for: Those with persistent bowel discomfort. People who regularly suffer from wind or bloating problems. Those during or following a course of antibiotics. People with hectic lifestyles. People feeling lethargic or run down.