Haliborange Kids Omega-3 Syrup Orange



Provide children with essential nutrients which are important for health and wellbeing with Haliborange Kids Omega-3 Syrup Orange. This delicious orange flavour syrup contains Omega-3 DHA and other essential vitamins. Haliborange Kids Omega-3 Syrup Orange has been specially formulated to support the health and wellbeing of children aged 3-12. This delicious orange syrup is a great way to ensure your child receives essential Omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA, as well as other vitamins. Omega-3 DHA helps to support normal brain function, Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy eyes, Vitamin C helps to support a healthy immune system, and Vitamin D is essential for the normal growth and development of bones in children. Key features of Haliborange Omega-3 Syrup Delicious orange flavour Contains Omega-3 DHA Also contains essential Vitamins A, C, and D For children aged 3 – 12 years old