GlucoRx ToRQ Gel Black Cherry Yoghurt


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Raise low blood sugar with this easy to swallow carbohydrate gel. GlucoRx ToRQ Gel Black Cherry Yoghurt contains no artificial sweeteners or colours. One pack contains 3 23.5g sachets of gel. Gluco Rx To RQ Gel Black Cherry Yoghurt is a high potency, hypertonic energy gel. This silky smooth, melt in the mouth carbohydrate gel is exceptionally fast acting to raise low blood sugar. With no artificial sweeteners or colours, this great tasting gel is naturally flavoured and easy to swallow. Key Features of Gluco Rx To RQ Gel Delicious Black Cherry Yogurt flavour High potency hypertonic energy gel Smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture Contains no artificial sweeteners or colours One pack contains 3 23. 5g sachets of gel