Gillette Venus Swirl FlexiBall Razor


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Gillette Venus Swirl FlexiBall Razor uses 5 individually adjusting blades and its flexiball to contour to your body, capturing hairs other razors might miss. Gillette Venus Swirl Flexi Ball R is the best Venus women’s r design till date. With 5 unique contouring blades, it gives you maximum precision and automatically adjusts to your every curve. Swirl R s are 6 x more flexible than regular Venus r s. It gently contours over your curves for flawless skin, long-lasting smoothness, and virtually no hairs missed. The water-activated ribbon of moisture around the blade helps protect from nicks & cuts while the micro fine comb guides hair to the blades. The soft grip gel handle pr s great control even in wet, slippery conditions and the ergonomic design of the handle allows use in multiple positions. Key Features of Gillette Venus Swirl Flexi Ball R : 5 individually adjusting Contour blades Venus Flexiball pivots to contour to your body Ergonomic, soft-grip gel handle Any Venus blade fits any Venus r handle, except Simply Venus