Gillette Fusion 5 Razor Blades


Gillette Fusion 5 Razor Blades give you a closer, more comfortable shave with the perfect precision. Each razor is made using Gillette’s 5 Blade Surface Technology, which allows the blades to be spaced closer together, reducing the pressure on your skin and giving you a smoother glide with unsurpassed comfort.
. Gillette Fusion 5 R Blades combine Gillette’s advanced shaving technology with sophisticated performance to give you an exceptionally close, comfortable, and clean shave. Enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip The thin strip at the top of your r , the Lubrastrip, releases lubricants while you shave, giving you a smoother glide. When the Lubrastrip is worn out, it fades to white, indicating that it may be time to change the blade. 5 Blade Shaving Technology Gillette Fusion 5 R Blades are spaced closer together to help reduce the pressure on your skin. It delivers a closer, more comfortable shave and reduces the risk of r burns, nicks, and cuts. And, a better shave means better looking, better feeling skin! 15 Microfin comfort guard A flexible Comfort Guard with 15 Microfins helps deliver an extremely close, comfortable shave by gently stretching the skin, while an integral Precision Trimmer is the perfect tool for shaving those tricky spots, like under your nose and your sideburns. With a r this comfortable, your skin will end up feeling as smooth as it looks.