Gaviscon Advance Liquid Aniseed


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Gaviscon Advance Liquid Aniseed provides fast, effective and long lasting relief from heartburn and acid indigestion. Product contains 600ml. Gaviscon Advance Liquid is a remedy for indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn, helping to keep excess stomach acid under control and keeping irritation at bay. Gaviscon Advance Liquid is available in a delicious aniseed flavour and is perfect for those who struggle with indigestion or heartburn after eating spicy or fatty foods, or after drinking coffee or alcohol. It can also help those who are suffering from acid reflux because of a hiatus hernia or an inflamed food pipe. Gaviscon Advance Liquid contains two active ingredients which work together to ease acid reflux and prevent heartburn. These ingredients are sodium alginate and potassium hydr carbonate. This means that they form a thick layer over the contents of your stomach, keeping excess stomach acid from moving up into your food pipe and causing irritation.