Garnier Ultralift Skincare Trio


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The Garnier Ultralift Skincare Trio leaves skin feeling smoother and firmer, day and night. In this Garnier Ultralift Skincare Trio you will receive: Garnier Ultra Lift Complete Beauty SPF15 Day Cream is specially designed for you as a daily-use anti-wrinkle moisturiser cream. It protects against harmful UV rays that cause premature signs of skin ageing like wrinkles and brown spots. The protecting formula reduces the appearance of even deep wrinkles, leaving skin feeling smoother and firmer. Contains specially selected Pure Ginger extract. Garnier Ultra Lift Complete Beauty Night Cream is specially designed to optimise the relaxing effects of sleep on the skin. Used as part of your skincare regime, Garnier Ultra Lift Complete Beauty Night Cream works on your skin when it is at its most receptive, helping to make skin look smoother when you wake. Formulated with natural ingredients; ginger, wheat proteins and cherry extract, the formula works to nourish and moisturise the skin as well. Garnier Ultra Lift Complete Beauty Eye Cream helps to eradicate deep wrinkles and lines around the eyes. With its skin smoothing formula, results are visible after one month and skin appears radiant and more youthful. Containing skin relaxing ginger to counteract the micro-contractions of the skin, lines and wrinkles appear un-creased and smother from the first use.