Garnier Olia 6.0 Light Brown Hair Dye


Garnier Olia 6.0 Light Brown Hair Dye: For the first time in home colour, oil does more than condition, it boosts the colouring process. A new era begins with Olia – the first oil-powered permanent home hair colour. Contains 60% oils with natural flower oils and no ammonia. The drop-shaped bottle fits perfectly into the palm of the hand, allowing for controlled application. Velvety cream texture and a luxurious subtle fragrance, Garnier has helped transform the colouring routine into a new beauty ritual. Garnier Olia 6. 0 Light Brown Hair Dye will pr you with a beautiful new hair colour as well as keep your hair beautifully conditioned during and after the colouring process; This fabulous colourant has a unique formula which is developed using natural oils, which not only conditions your hair but also boosts your colour – to keep it looking beautiful and vibrant. This product does not contain any ammonia.