Floradix Floravital Yeast & Gluten Free Liquid Iron Formula Triple Pack



Floravital contains organic iron II gluconate, which is a form of iron easily absorbed by the body, together with a carefully considered combination of B vitamins and vitamin C, which together promote growth and maintain health and fitness. Salus Flor l Yeast & Gluten Free Liquid Iron Formula uses a medley of herbal extracts and an exquisite blend of fruit juices for an enjoyable tasting formula. This product can be very beneficial to women, girls, growing children, adolescents and those taking part in regular exercise. It pr s essential irons and vitamins that encourage a great healthy lifestyle. The importance of Iron: Iron supports the bodys immune system. Iron enables the red blood cells to tr t oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. Iron is vital for red blood cells regeneration, whilst ensuring the proper function of the liver, heart, gastro-intestinal system and skeletal muscle. The herbal extracts help to maintain a healthy digestion which is important for the absorption of iron. The importance of Iron during pregnancy: During pregnancy the iron demand can rise significantly. Iron is essential for the tr t of oxygen between the mother and foetus. Iron is also important for foetal growth particularly for normal brain development and to help prevent maternal anaemia. It is difficult to meet the extra demand through a balanced diet alone, and so is often recommended to take an iron supplement from week 13. Women are advised to take an iron supplement or get the advice of their midwife before taking supplements during pregnancy.