Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 10% Urea Lotion


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Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 10% Urea Lotion is used for the daily care of extremely dry, itchy, flaky skin, including aged skin. For the treatment of atopic eczema, hyperkeratosis, xeroderma and ichthyosis. Eucerin Urea Repair Plus 10% Urea Lotion works to actively bind moisture, rehydrate the skin, and prevent itching. This product contains the active ingredient called Urea which makes Eucerin effective without a greasy consistency. Other benefits of this product are: Water-in-oil emulsion With natural moisture-binding urea (10%) High lipid content Fragrance-free Colourant-free Excellent efficacy and tolerability proven in clinical studies Smoothes extremely dry skin. Suitable for smaller areas that require intensive care