Eucerin UreaRepair Original 10% Urea Cream


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Eucerin UreaRepair Original 10% Urea Cream for the daily care of extremely dry, itchy, flaky skin, including aged skin. For the treatment of atopic eczema, hyperkeratosis, xeroderma and ichthyosis. Eucerin Urea Repair Original 10% Urea Cream smoothes extremely dry skin and is suitable for smaller areas that require intensive care. It is a clinically proven treatment for extremely dry skin conditions, atopic eczema, dermatitis and ichthyosis. This product is fragrance-free and actively binds moisture, rehydrating the skin to prevent itching. Natural moisture-binding urea (10%) the active ingredient makes Eucerin effective without a greasy consistency. It is also High lipid content, Fragrance & Colourant free. Apply as frequently as required. Consult a physician before using on children under 3 years or with topical medications.