Enterosgel Intestinal Absorben 90g


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Enterosgel Intestinal Absorben Gel What is Enterosgel Intestinal Absorben?Enterosgel Intestinal Absorben Gei is an oral intestinal absorbent that is composed of organic material and water. Ideal for babies, children and adults, Enterosgel Intestinal Absorben can get rid of nasties in the gut without removing water or essential vitamins. Uses for Enterosgel Intestinal Absorben The effective gel can be used to: Relieve symptoms of indigestion Detoxify the body Protect the intestinal wall to product healing Help restore beneficial intestinal microflora Help stop diarrhoea or shorten its duration Help reduce or prevent toxic and allergic reactions Enterosgel Intestinal Absorben can be used in conjunction with other medications and is safe for long term use without systemic side effects. It is drug-free, NON_ALLERGENIC, free from sugar, gluten and preservatives. Suitable for children and adults, including pregnant and breastfeeding women. Please note that results may vary.