Ensure TwoCal Vanilla Multipack



Ensure Two Cal Vanilla Multipack pr s you with 12 servings of the delicious vanilla flavoured nutritional drink. The nutritional drink is ideal for people with involuntary weight loss, those who are recovering from illness or surgery or those people with an inability to digest fat. Ensure Two Cal Vanilla: Pr s complete and balanced nutrition Pr s 2. 0 calories per ml to help gain or maintain a healthy weight Is high in protein for tissue maintenance and repair Is enriched with prebiotics to help maintain normal bowel function Is cinically l e and gluten free Is ready to use Is suitable as a supplement with meals or as a snack between meals As well as drinking straight from the bottle, Ensure Two Cal Vanilla can also be frozen into cubes and lollipops. When served straight from the bottle, Ensure Two Cal Vanilla is best served chilled. The convenient 200ml bottles with a straw are perfect for on the go and also ideal for pouring into a glass at home. You may benefit from Ensure Two Cal Vanilla if you suffer from any of the following: Disease related malnutrition Liver disease Malignant disease Moderate burns Catabolic Congestive heart failure Pre and post operative Fluid restriction or volume intolerance Bolus feeding. Please note that results may vary.