Ensure Plus Milkshake Banana


Maintain a healthy weight with this high-protein supplement drink. This ready-to-drink beverage and snack provides you with 26 essential vitamins and minerals with a delicious banana taste. Ensure Plus Banana Milkshake Ensure Plus Banana is a delicious Banana flavoured milkshake style complete balanced nutritional supplement drink. The drink is ideal for people with involuntary weight loss and those who are recovering from illness or surgery. It can be drunk as a supplement with meals, or as a snack replacement between meals. Each bottle of this ready-to-drink milkshake pr s you with a well-balanced, nutritious beverage and snack. Benefits of Ensure Plus Milkshake 9 grams of high-quality protein 23 essential antioxidants, minerals & vitamins Tasty banana flavour Gluten-free Halal & Kosher Suitable for L e Intolerance