Enshake Chocolate



Enshake Chocolate is a high energy, high protein, powder style nutritional drink that is designed for people with involuntary weight loss or those who are recovering from illness or surgery. Enshake Chocolate is a high energy, high protein powder that pr s 2. 0kcal/ml when mixed with whole milk. It is specially formulated to pr nutrition for people at a risk of malnutrition due to illness and also for people who require increased energy levels. When it helps?Enshake is suitable for people who suffer from: Disease related malnutrition Cystic Fibrosis Fluid restriction Anorexia or poor appetite Convalescence Unique features600 calories per serving to help you gain and maintain a healthy weight Balanced protein contents for tissue maintenance and repair Balanced fat content to pr additional calories for weight gain Fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D to help build strong bones Fibre-free formula for people who are unable to tolerate dietary fibre Gluten-free formula to prevent allergies in people intolerant to gluten Easy to use For oral use, Enshake is usually best served chilled. Enshake can be added to foods such as milk puddings and breakfast cereals to help boost nutritional content. Enshake can be added to instant whips for a new take on an old favourite.