Dove Bodywash Pampering



Deeply feed and nourish your skin every day with Dove’s Pampering Body Wash with shea butter and warm vanilla scent. What do you love about your favourite skin care products? For us, it’s the promise of soft skin and a moment of self-care. Dove’s Pampering Body Wash does just that: bringing together beloved shea butter for skin with naturally derived cleansers and plant-based moisturisers, in an indulgent rich and creamy lather. For the most nourishing body wash, they’ve also added our skin-natural moisturisers to this Dove body wash. Helping to renew your skin’s natural moisture levels, the formula, including shea butter for body, works to give you long lasting softness. So, envelop yourself in a creamy lather and allow the irresistible fragrances of shea butter and vanilla work their magic. We think you’ll step out of the shower feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the spa. We love Dove Bodywash Pampering because .Dove Pampering Body Wash deeply nourishes your skin The moisturising body wash gives long-lasting nourishment Skin-natural moisturisers help with taking care of dry skin Sulfate-SLES-free body wash respects your skin microbiome Blended with an irresistible shea butter and warm vanilla scent Dermatologically-tested body wash with shea butter benefits