Dove Anti-Perspirant Invisible Dry


Dove Anti-Perspirant Invisible Dry provides immediate protection against underarm wetness and odour leaving you feeling confidently fresh all day. Dove Anti-Perspirant Invisible Dry is designed to be invisible and therefore creates fewer white marks yet pr s beautiful results. This anti-perspirant for women contains a patented combination of translucent anti-perspirant ingredients that help protect against white marks while delivering the protection and light fresh fragrance you expect from Dove. Dove Anti-Perspirant Invisible Dry is alcohol-free and pr s 48 hours of protection. Perfect for Bringing 100 colours to your wardrobe and white marks won’t feature on a single one. Dove Anti-Perspirant Invisible Dry has been tested on 100 colours to make sure it leaves no deodorant stains behind Skin-friendly underarm care. The perfect pairing for that sleeveless sundress. Softer, smoother underarms. Thanks to the moisturising cream in this Dove deodorant, that’s exactly what you’ll get. It’ll also help delicate underarm skin recover from irritation after shaving, so you won’t want to wait to show them off Long-lasting protection. No white deodorant stains is one thing, but what about no wet patches? We’ve got that covered too. Just like every Dove deodorant, this spray gives you reliable long lasting protection and the freedom to wear clothes with c dence