Disposable Patterned Kids Face Coverings


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Premium Quality Patterned Kids Disposable Coverings are ideal for daily use in public. Breathable, odourless, and hypoallergenic, these coverings are easy to wear and come with a child friendly pattern in 3 colours. One pack contains 50 face coverings. 1 size fits all. Cover your child’s nose and mouth with the Patterned Kids Disposable Face Coverings. These child friendly face coverings are ideal for everyday use in public. They are easy and comfortable to wear, thanks to their soft, elasticated ear loops and lightweight design. These coverings are breathable, odourless and hypoallergenic. 1 size fits all. Key features of Patterned Kids Disposable Coverings Child friendly patterned face coverings in 3 colours Covers your child’s nose and mouth Ideal for daily use in public Easy and comfortable to wear 1 size fits all Pack of 50 coverings