Dioralyte Blackcurrent Oral Electrolyte Powder


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Dioralyte Oral Electrolyte Powder Sachets Blackcurrant is to treat acute diarrhoea as well as replace fluid and electrolytes lost from diarrhoea in both children and adults. Dioralyte Blackcurrent Oral Electrolyte works by replacing the water and salts lost from your body when you have diarrhoea. Each sachet of Dioralyte has been carefully designed to contain the perfect balance of essential body salts for your well-being and Glucose (sugars) to help you absorb the body salts and water efficiently. The powder is mixed with water before taking. You should use a Dioralyte sachet as soon as diarrhoea symptoms start, and after each episode. Dioralyte hydrates faster and more effectively than water.