Dermalex Repair Cream For Rosacea


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Dermalex Repair reduces the typical symptoms of rosacea by restoring the epidermis, protecting the skin with UV filters, soothing the skin, and neutralising redness with green pigments. Non-greasy formula is easily absorbed by the skin. Dermalex Repair Rosacea reduces the typical symptoms of rosacea by promoting the restoration of the skin’s barrier function. The patented Tri-solve technology creates a protective film on the skin helping to restore a thick and hydrated epidermis. Dermalex Repair Rosacea also protects the skin through specific UV filters neutralising an important trigger in the appearance of rosacea symptoms. In addition, the cream contains well known soothing and calming ingredients and a green pigment reducing the skin’s redness and helping to increase self c dence. Dermalex Repair is a dermatologically tested product for the treatment of rosacea skin symptoms such as redness, flushing, visible spider veins, tightened and hardened skin and dryness. Key Features of Dermalex Repair Rosacea Reduces dryness, appearance of redness & visibility of spider veins Restores the skin’s barrier Protects and soothes the skin With UV filters Clinically tested by dermatologists Absorbs easily, not greasy