Curaprox Smart Ultra Soft Toothbrush


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Curaprox Smart Ultra Soft Toothbrush provides children over the age of five as well as adults, exceptional accurate brushing. The extra small brush head helps to access hard-to-reach areas for a perfect clean. Curaprox Smart Ultra Soft Toothbrush is developed with Curen filaments making the brush ultra soft. The gentle filaments effectively clean your teeth without any damage to the gums or teeth. Densely packed Curen filaments for meticulous cleaning Curaprox Smart Ultra Soft Toothbrush is designed with incredible 7600 fine filaments, making brushing the least stressful activity, especially for kids. The densely packed filaments ensure efficient cleaning. Compact head for deep cleaning The design features a small, compact head enabling you to reach difficult areas like behind the upper molars. The slightly angled brush head helps to reach all parts of the mouth ensuring a better clean. Less damage to the enamel The soft, fine bristles ensure that there is less damage to the enamel of the teeth while providing total protection to the gums.