Cura Heat Direct To Skin Max Size


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Cura-Heat are air-activated heat patches designed to pr targeted, warming relief to minor muscular, joint and abdominal aches and pains. The heat patches pr heat that radiates through to the source of pain – decreasing stiffness, improving mobility and relaxing tense aching muscles. Some Cura-Heat variants can even pr up to 16 hours pain relief. Cura-Heat are Non – Medicinal, Fragrance-free, and with a thin discreet design, they are ideal to use anywhere. Contains 4 Max Size Direct to Skin Back Pain Heat Patches. Benefits of Cura Heat Direct To Skin Max Size Up to 16 hours pain relief Air-activated heat patch for targeted relief Non-medicinal and ready to use Decreasing stiffness, improving mobility 4x larger than regular Cura-Heat Patches. Please note that results may vary.