Colgate Total Active Fresh Toothpaste



Colgate Total Active Fresh toothpaste provides excellent plaque and gum problems protection whilst fighting bacteria, bad breath, enamel erosion, hypersensitivity, cavities, plaque, tartar, stains and gum problems daily. Enjoy a whole mouth clean and the feeling of freshness every time you brush. Have c dent fresh breath with Colgate Total Active Fresh Toothpaste. The unique formula helps fight bacteria the root cause of bad breath, not just on teeth, but also your tongue, cheeks and gums for up to 12 hours. Experience the unique feeling of long lasting fresh breath and a healthier mouth with our best toothpaste for youafter 4 weeks of continued use Key features of Colgate Total Active Fresh Toothpaste Unique formula helps fight bacteria Gently polishes and prevents new stains Gentle for daily use Fights cavities & removes plaque