Clinitas Multi 0.2%


Achieve effective relief from dry, gritty or irritated eyes with Clinitas Multi 0.2%. They contain a high concentration of lubricant in a multi-use, preservative-free bottle. Clinitas Multi can be used throughout the day for gentle, rapid relief. Leaving your eyes feeling fresh and revived. Many things can cause eyes to feel dry and irritated. Working at a computer, reading, and driving reduces blink rate and can leave the eye feeling dry. Clinitas Multi 0. 2% 10ml eye drops are gentle preservative-free eye drops now in a multi-dose form. Ideal for busy, active people with dry, gritty, scratchy. Clinitas Multi contains a high concentration of (0. 2% – a naturally occurring product in the eye) available in an eye drop. Key features of Clinitas Multi 0. 2% 10ml eye drops Can counter the effects of digital screen use, air conditioning, pollution, and a number of other environmental factors Prolonged relief from dry, gritty or irritated eyes. Suitable for contact lens wearers Preservative-free Relief for up to 12 hours 10ml bottle Helps dry eyes following laser surgery Suitable for dry or sore eyes associated with the menopause