Clairol Colour Gloss Up Conditioner Out Of The Blue


Clairol Colour Gloss Up Conditioner, Out Of The Blue is a salon-inspired formula that helps to keep your colour fresh for longer. Once applied the formula adds tone while enhancing shine and smoothness of the hair. Gloss Up with Clairol salon-inspired formula to keep your blue colour fresh for longer. Clairol’s Colour Gloss Up, Temporary Colour Gloss is customizable to your desired level of vibrancy, as a different leave-in time delivers the desired colour and shine. The perfect colour boost that brings your blue colour back to life while adding shine & conditioning hair, all in one simple step! Just squeeze the tube and leave it on from 2 – 15 minutes. No Mix, No Damage. What is a vibrant gloss? It’s a rich conditioning product that visibly transforms the colour of pre-lightened hair with no damage. Key features of Clairol Colour Gloss Up Conditioner, Out Of The Blue Salon-inspired formula to keep your colour fresh for longer – lasts up to 10 washes. Rich conditioning product that adds tone and enhances shine and smoothness. Pr s customisable colour results for sheer to vibrant colour, ding on how long you leave it on. Squeeze from tube and leave on from 2-15 minutes. Does not lift, lighten, or cover greys! No damage. Silicone-free formula. No Animal Derived Ingredients.