Clairol Age Defy Hair Dye 8A Medium Ash Blonde



Turn back the clock on your hair with this age defying hair dye, for youthful, beautiful blonde. Nice N Easy Age Defy in Medium Ash Blonde gives you up to 100% long-lasting grey coverage and fights the seven signs of aging hair: stubborn greys, lackluster colour, coarseness, frizz, unruly hair, dryness and breakage. For 100% long lasting grey coverage, Clairol Age Defy is the perfect solution to restore your colour. Discover the innovative Tri-Plex Formula, a conditioning technology that delivers strong, coloured hair to help turn back time. With the Age Defy Smoothing Pre-Treatment that softens coarse, resistant grey hair, colour gets in smoothly and thee special conditioning therapy helps restore every strand to reveal stunningly soft, smooth, and manageable hair. Features Softens coarse, resistant grey hair so colour gets in smoothly. With a special conditioning therapy to restore every hair. 100% long lasting grey coverage.