Childs Farm Moisturiser Unfragranced


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Childs Farm Moisturiser Unfragranced contains naturally derived glycerin and emollients similar to the natural lipids found in skin work by filling the gaps between the skin cells to improve moisturisation. Vegan formula, Dermatologist and paediatrician tested and approved. Childs Farm Moisturiser Unfragranced is a light but rich formula, it absorbs quickly after each application. Cocoa butter ( from West Africa) rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, and Shea Butter ( from Ghana) melt at body temperature and leave a velvety finish on skin once absorbed, meaning it doesn’t leave a greasy finish but an invisible film on the skin to prevent water loss. The pH balanced formulation has the same pH as skin (5-5. 5). This ensures that the product is both effective and minimises the risk of irritation. Key features of Childs Farm Moisturiser Unfragranced Unfragranced Contains naturally derived glycerin and emollients Leaves a velvety finish on skin pH balanced formulation Made in UK Vegan