Childs Farm Baby Oaty Bubbles


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Childs Farm Baby Oaty Bubbles delivers a soothing bubbly bath for skin. Suitable for all skin types – even dry, sensitive skin and skin prone to eczema. Vegan formula, Dermatologist and paediatrician tested and approved. Parents of babies with very sensitive skin told Childs Farm that they were desperate to give their littles ones a bubble bath like their siblings, but were too afraid of the potential inflammatory reaction that fragrance can cause on the skin. So Childs Farm Baby Oaty Bubbles were created, adding soothing oats to give sensitive skin extra comfort. The gently cleansing formula uses coconut, corn and sugar derived cleansing ingredients to clean skin deeply but mildly, without stripping the skin of moisture. Childs Farm have created this as an unfragranced solution for those who are nervous about the natural allergens found in essential oils. The pH balanced formulation has the same pH as skin (5-5. 5). This ensures that the product is both effective and minimises the risk of irritation. In the user trial of 100 newborns and babies aged 0-3 months and children aged 0-18 months with medically diagnosed eczema, 94% of their parents said this bubble bath did not cause irritation to their children’s skin. Key features of Childs Farm Baby Oaty Bubbles Mildly Fragranced Unfragranced Soothing bubbly bath Suitable for sensitive skin and skin prone to eczema Soothes and hydrates skin Vegan Made in the UK