Chemist Direct Elderberry Extract with Beta-Glucan



ElderMax is the newest superfruit based supplement containing the renowned black elderberry extract, vitamin C, zinc and Beta-Glucan. These ingredients work together to support the immune system and help keep you feeling well throughout winter.. Latest super fruit ‘Black Elderberry’ containing naturally occurring flavonoids and twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries Elder MAX is a supplement containing not only vitamin C and zinc but black elderberry too, a berry that has become a world-renowned super fruit, with its abundant levels of antioxidants. This elderberry supplement along with the vitamin C and zinc could help you to feel your usual self throughout winter. The Elder MAX formulation contains: 100% natural ingredients and suitable for vegetarians. Elderberry extract containing flavonoids and powerful antioxidants that protect against free-radical damage and oxidation. Vitamin C helps to support your immune system. High levels of antioxidants. Vitamin C and zinc helping to minimise cell damage. Anthocyanins powerful antioxidants in black elderberry. Beta-Glucan is anatural form of soluble dietary fibre, which may pr a role inactivating the immune system in the fight againstcolds, flu and infections.