Carex Moisture Refill



Cut down on plastic by reusing your Carex pump and bottle with this handy refill pouch. Carex Dermacare Antibacterial Hand Wash kills 99.9% of bacteria while leaving skin feeling smooth and soft. Added natural moisturisers and Vitamin E help to care for your hands and enhance your skin’s natural pH. Carex Dermacare Moisture Antibacterial Hand Wash is a gentle soap that leaves the whole family’s hands hygienically clean and moisturised. Carex’s unique, skin kind formulas are boosted with nourishing Vitamin E to help to care for your hands and leave them feeling soft and smooth. Dermacare enhances the skin’s natural pH, added natural moisturisers nourish the skin, and gentle cleansers remove dirt and germs while killing 99. 9% of bacteria. Carex’s Eco bottles are 100% recyclable and you can reuse your pump and bottle with this handy refill pouch. This helps to reduce the amount of plastic used. Carex have also teamed up with Terracycle to make recycling this eco pouch that bit easier. Key Features of Carex Hand Wash Refill Reduces plastic Natural moisturisers Suitable for the whole family Enriched with Vitamin E Skin is left feeling smooth and soft Enhances skin’s pH Kills 99. 9% bacteria