Carex Antibacterial Hand Cream


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Carex Antibacterial Hand cream provides moisture to dry hands and anti bac protection in one. The handy travel sized tube can be packed into a bag or pocket to offer moisturisation and antibacterial care for your hands any time. Carex Antibacterial Hand cream is specially developed for daily use to restore moisture to dry hands and help combat dryness from frequent hand washing / use of sanitiser. This non greasy, deeply moisturising hand care formula pr s a boost of moisture with anti bac protection when needed throughout the day, perfect for working hands. It comes in a handy travel sized tube, great for on the go. Best used as part of a healthy hand hygiene routine. Key features of Carex Antibacterial Hand cream Hand Cream + Antibac Suitable for dry hands Non greasy, easily absorbed Restores Moisture for daily use