Breathe Right Nasal Strips Tan Large 30’s x8


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Breathe Right Congestion Relief Nasal Strips Original Large Eight Pack help you find relief from snoring and night-time nasal congestion caused by allergies, colds, or a deviated septum. These drug-free nasal strips gently open the nasal passages, helping you to breathe easier and get a good night’s sleep. In this multipack you will get: 8 packs of Breathe Right Congestion Relief Nasal Strips Original Large (30 strips each) How it works Breathe Right has spring-like bands that lift your nasal passages to help increase airflow so you can breathe better. With their flexible bands, they are easy to use and can be placed across the nose to make breathing easier for you during the night. Help to decrease snoring Breathe Right Nasal Strips help air to move easily through your airways to cut down vibrations that result in snoring, helping you to eliminate or reduce snoring. It helps to let you breathe through your nose comfortably during the night. Please note that results may vary.