Bioglan Smartkids Iron Gummies



Bioglan Smartkids Iron Gummies support kids’ energy levels and works to reduce their tiredness and fatigue, keeping them alert for longer, while contributing to the normal function of a healthy immune system. Delicious strawberry flavour chewable gummies. Suitable for vegans. Bioglan Smartkids Iron Gummies contains iron to support your little one’s energy levels and reduces their fatigue, whilst contributing to the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin. The gummies also contain Vitamin C which aid better absorption and the normal and healthy function of the immune system. Suitable for vegans, kids will love these delicious strawberry flavoured gummies and you can be satisfied your little one will have all the energy they need. Key Features of Bioglan Smartkids Iron Gummies Specially designed to support energy levels and reduce tiredness and fatigue Contains Vitamin C and Iron Delicious tasting strawberry flavour Chewable gummies Suitable for Vegans