Bioconcepts Calcium Magnesium 400mg with Vitamin D



Calcium is vital for building and strengthening of your bones and teeth as well as the regulation of muscle contraction. with additional Magnesium Vitamin D . Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg Tablets 60’s can also be of benefit to women during menopause or pregnancy, athletes who repeatedly suffer from injury to their bones and those on restricted diets or with lactose intolerance. Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg with Magnesium Vitamin D is packed full of calcium which is a vital mineral that is required by your body for regular operation and it is the most abundant mineral in the human body with 99% being used for building bone and teeth structure. Benefits of Calcium: Calcium is also used for the regular function of enzyme and hormone secretion, the contraction and expansion of blood vessels and muscle contractions. Calcium plays a fundamental role in the early stages of development as it is currently thought that the quicker bone mass is formed the longer bone loss is delayed in later years. Calcium is used by the human body to metabolise iron and other minerals. Calcium plays an indispensable role in the function of the nervous system, heartbeat, muscle and other vital organs. They could be of benefit to the following people: Those who wish to build or strengthen bones and healthy teeth. People who need to regulate muscle contraction including their heartbeat. Women during menopausal and pregnancy times. Athletes suffering from repetitive injury to their bones. Those on restricted diets or with l e intolerance. Vitamin D is required by the body to effectively utilise calcium intake it. Bioconcepts Calcium 400mg is formulated with Vitamin D2(4. 5 mcg).