Bioconcepts Aloe Vera 10000mg



The Bioconcepts Aloe Vera formulation contains ingredients for improved digestion, antifungal, antibacterial & stimulating properties. Each tablet contains the equivalent to 10,000 mg of Aloe Juice. Bioconcepts Aloe Vera contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals & trace elements. Aloe has been used by herbalists for generations. In hot countries, this fresh leaf gel is frequently used to treat sunburn. Aloe Vera is often used for its outcome on our digestive systems as well as for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Aloe vera capsules promotes healthy skin May help to treat minor topical skin ailments May help treat minor topical wounds & burns May help to treat skin conditions and itchy dry skin May help to treat topical scalp conditions Aloe vera capsules may help to relieve irregular toilet motions What is Aloe and why is it important?Aloe has historically been used for many of the same conditions for which it is used today – particularly irregular toilet motions and minor cuts and burns. The aloe plant originally came from Africa. The leaves (which are long, green, fleshy with spikes along the edges) are used for its healing properties. The fresh leaf gel and latex are used for many purposes including helping promote healing of minor skin wounds and burns. Aloe latex is the sticky residue left over after the liquid from cut aloe leaves has evaporated. How does Aloe Vera work?Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory elements, including salicylic acid, gel polysaccharides and magnesium lactate. These ingredients promote healing and reduce itching and discomfort associated with minor wounds and skin conditions. Aloe Vera contains Mucopolysaccharides, compounds that help improve the appearance of the skin by helping skin cells retain moisture. Aloe also boosts cell production of collagen and elastin thereby helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and the amino acids within aloe soften the skin. Aloe vera is also composed of up to 30% anthraquinones which is an effective stimulant laxative Is aloe vera right for me?Aloe Vera offers anti-inflammatory properties which may help to treat skin inflammations and itchy dry skin conditions.