Bimuno TravelAid Pastilles



Take Bimuno TravelAid Pastilles prebiotic supplements before and during travel for an easy way to increase levels of good bacteria in your gut. 30 easy to chew pastilles. Bimuno Travel Aid Pastilles are a unique daily fibre supplement containing Galactooligosaccharides (GOS). GOS works by selectively increasing the level of bifidobacteria and other health-promoting bacteria found in the gut. Bimuno naturally feeds and increases the friendly bacteria in your gut; for optimal benefit, it reaches the lower gut intact, with significant increases of friendly bacteria in just 7 days. Formulated with the knowledge that more than 60% of the immune system is in the gut, it works with the natural systems in the body to improve immune function and influence general health and wellbeing. Targeted Digestive Nutrition: The Bimuno range consists of product containing a special fibre selected because it feeds friendly bacteria that live in your digestive system and make up an essential part of the digestive process. After only 7 days, Bimuno is working in harmony with your digestive processes, providing nutrition for and increasing the numbers of these special bacteria for each user. Published scientific studies have shown that, with daily use, the majority of Bimuno users experienced an increase in their gut bifidobacteria levels within 7 days. Key features of Travel Aid Pastilles Easy to chew pastilles Proven to work in 7 days Suitable for individuals aged 4 years and over Targeted to reach the lower intestine intact