Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules



Benadryl Allergy Relief Capsules pr you with effective relief from allergy symptoms. It is active within 15 minutes and can deliver relief for up to 8 hours. Keeps all allergy signs at bay Benadryl is effective against dust allergies, pet dander allergies, and hives. It works as an antihistamine to block the reactions like sneezing, a stuffy or runny nose, watery or itchy eyes, and an itchy nose and throat. Multipack 12 capsules x 6 packs User friendly Benadryl is user friendly and can be used for adults and children between 12 and 65 years. It is consumed orally and should be swallowed with a glass of water. It is not recommended for children younger than 12 or adults older than 65. Please note that results may vary.