Beechams Powders for Cold and Flu



Tackle the symptoms of cold and flu, with Beechams Powders. Containing Asprin and Caffeine to relieve pain so you can carry on with your day. Beechams – Bossing colds since 1926. Beechams Powders pr effective relief from cold and flu symptoms, with a combination of aspirin and caffeine. Beechams Powders contains two active ingredients. Asprin, which relieves pain, reduces inflammation and lowers temperature when you have a fever. And Caffeine acts as a mild stimulant. Simply mix the powder with a little water and stir before drinking. Pr s relief from the follow symptoms: aches and painsfeverishnessheadachesore throat Pr s relief from mild to moderate pain such as: period Painmigraineneuralgiatoothacherheumatic pain Approved by Anju Gill -Pharmacist on the 21/05/2021. For more information, view our medical team