BeautyPro Pink Clay Mask


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The BeautyPro Pink Clay Mask is a cleansing skin treatment helping to improve the appearance of your skin through detoxing and improving natural moisture retention helping to hydrate. PETA cruelty-free. The Beauty Pro Pink Clay Mask is a deep cleansing treatment that will detoxify, lift and tighten the skin leaving it feeling refreshed. The two halves of the mask fit to the natural contours of your face and begin to harden across the duration of the treatment. Within 40 – 60 minutes, the clay will deeply penetrate the pores, cleansing them of toxins and leaving the skin tight and firm creating a youthful appearance. The Pink Clay Mask improves the skin’s tone and clarity, as well as hydrating and brightens the complexion. Using Calamine and Niacinamide, the formula calms the skin, minimising redness and preventing acne. The treatment will help to improve the skin’s natural moisture retention, locking in hydration to pr healthy skin with a youthful glow. Vitamin B helps to balance the skin’s natural oils to improve the skin’s tone, while White Mulberry fades discolouration. Key Features of Beauty Pro Pink Clay Mask Clarifying Lifting & Tightening Cleansing Anti-ageing PETA cruelty-free