BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Mask


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The BeautyPro Black Peel Charcoal Masks penetrate deep into the pores to cleanse the skin and exfoliate. These masks can be used as part of your weekly skincare routine to create a brightened and energised complexion. The Beauty Pro Black Peel Charcoal Mask acts to detox and deeply cleanse the pores. The charcoal mask deeply penetrates below the surface to remove impurities and exfoliate dead cells, leaving the skin brightened and refreshed. This peel-off mask uses Charcoal to lift toxins and pollutants away from the skin, purifying and unclogging the pores. As well as cleansing, this black peel mask will help to tackle skin concerns such as blemishes, blackheads and oily areas, by rebalancing the areas and ensuring the skin is detoxified and healthy. Green Tea replenishes the skin, rejuvenating dying cells, resulting in a brightened and energised complexion. The Black Peel mask is a weekly treatment that ensures the skin feels cleansed, rejuvenated and toxin-free. Simply apply to the face, relax for 20 minutes and then peel away to reveal beautiful skin beneath. Key Features of Beauty Pro Black Peel Charcoal Mask Detoxifying Exfoliating Anti-ageing Brightening PETA Cruelty Free