Attends Pull-Ons (8XL)


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Manage heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence with Attends Pull Ons 8XL. The all-in-one absorbent pants can be pulled on like normal underwear and easily removed by opening the side panels. With a flexible shape, breathable material, a fast absorbing Active Zone, a Quick-Dry layer, and Natural Odour Protection. Waist size: 130 – 170 cm. Attends Pull-Ons 8XL are absorbent, disposable pants designed to manage heavy urinary and/or faecal incontinence. These pants have been specially created with a breathable material to allow skin to breathe and a flexible shape, allowing close fit to the body. The Active Zone is an area in the middle of the pad which pr s fast absorption where it’s needed most. What’s more, the Quick-Dry layer placed directly below the top sheet quickly absorbs urine and locks it in, preventing urine from returning to the surface. It can handle several gushes of urine without reducing the effectiveness of the pad. The Active Zone and the Quick-Dry layer work together to pr exceptional skin dryness and leakage protection. Natural Odour Protection also reduces the risk of unpleasant smells. The side panels of Attends Pull-Ons can be opened for easy removal and there is a wetness indicator on the pad which acts as a guide for when the pant needs changing. It is important to choose the correct absorbency and size. To do this: measure the hips and waist and select the larger of the two measurements, then select the appropriate absorbency level. Key features of Attends Pull-Ons Absorbent, disposable incontinence pants For faecal and/or urinary incontinence Breathable material allows skin to breathe Flexible shape for a close fit Active Zone pr s fast absorption Quick-Dry layer locks urine away from the skin Natural Odour Protection minimises unpleasant smells Side panels open for easy removal Wetness indicator Absorption level: 8 Waist size: 130 – 170 cm Pack contains 16 pants