Anadin Paracetamol Tablets


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Anadin Paracetamol Tablets are effective for lowering a high temperature and easing away aches and pain associated with the fever. These tablets are gentle on your stomach. Anadin Paracetamol Tablets pr fast-acting and long-lasting relief for a variety of minor to moderate pains including; headaches, backaches, feverishness, sore throats and other common symptoms. This product contains paracetamol which is a well-known and effective painkiller. Anadin Paracetamol Tablets are gentle on your stomach and shaped for easy swallowing. They also pr relief from: Period pain, toothache, neuralgia, rheumatic pain. Key features of Anadin Paracetamol Tablets Fast-acting Effective in lowering fever while easing the aches and pains associated with your cold and flu symptoms Gentle on your stomach and shaped for easy swallowing Powerful pain relief to everyone in the family over the age of 6 years old Relief from: aches, fever & flu