Allergy & Hayfever Chlorphenamine 28 Tablets


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Chemist Direct Hayfever Tablets provides you with Chlorphenamine tablets that treat allergy symptoms caused by hayfever, pet dander, or dust mites. Each tablet contains 4mg Chlorphenamine which helps to relieve itchiness, swelling, tenderness, and irritation. Chemist Direct Hayfever Tablets gives you Chlorphenamine tablets that help treat symptoms of allergies caused by hayfever, pet dander, or hives. Each tablet contains 4mg Chlorphenamine. Complete protection These tablets pr protection from allergy symptoms caused by: Hayfever Food allergies Nettle rash or hives Hypersensitivity to certain drugs Serum sickness Insect bites Nasal congestion Caution: This product causes drowsiness. If affected, do not operate machinery or drive and avoid alcohol.