10 Motives Refills Tobacco 20mg


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This pack contains 4 Ten Motives Refills of 20mg/ml liquid nicotine with regular tobacco flavour. Specially designed to reach the back of the throat for a more authentic mouth feel. Only compatible with the Ten Motives Rechargeable E-Cigarette. Ten Motives Refills Tobacco 20mg has been specially designed for customers looking not only for an alternative to satisfying their nicotine cravings but also a greater smoking experience. Ten Motives e-cigarettes reach the back of the throat to pr the sensation you expect. Each liquid nicotine refill cartridge contains up to 25 cigarettes. Key Features of Ten Motives Refills 20mg/ml nicotine Regular Tobacco flavour Includes 4 refills More authentic mouth feel Reaches the back of the throat One refill is the equivalent of up to 25 cigarettes