10 Motive Rechargeable Starter Kit Tobacco


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Start your switch to e-cigarettes with this Ten Motives Rechargeable Starter Kit. 16mg/ml liquid nicotine with a regular tobacco flavour. This easy to use e-cigarette has been specially designed to reach the back of the throat for a more authentic mouth feel. Ten Motives Rechargeable Starter Kit Tobacco has been specially designed for customers looking not only for an alternative to satisfying their nicotine cravings but also a greater smoking experience. Thanks to its unique cartomiser nicotine refill, this all-in-one design combines the two key features of an e-cigarette into an effective, easy-to-use unit. The connection to between the liquid nicotine and vaporising element is highly efficient, creating a more authentic mouth feel and realistic smoking sensation. Ten Motives e-cigarettes reach the back of the throat to pr the sensation you expect. Each liquid nicotine refill cartridge contains up to 25 cigarettes worth of nicotine. This handy starter kit contains everything you need to make the switch to e-cigarettes. A single, regular flavour refill is included, along with a USB charger. The USB charger makes charging at home or in the office quicker and more convenient than ever before. Key Features of Ten Motives Rechargeable Starter Kit 16mg/ml nicotine Regular tobacco flavour Includes 1 refill Comes with USB charger Effective and easy to use More authentic mouth feel Reaches the back of the throat One refill is the equivalent of up to 25 cigarettes